The Post x Lokey

In the lead up to See No Evil 2012 along with Acer One, Andy Council, Jody T. & Cheo, I was asked to redesign The Post Logo/Masthead... I thought I'd keep the design simple so that the average person could still read it and I also kept close to the blue in their original ... 

I did a quick (15min) freestyle with some promarkers and it was excepted straight off, although
there's a few bits which could probably have been tidied up but that's just me being a perfectionist.

So on Wednesday 15th August The Post was at the newsagents with my logo/masthead design on...  
Which made my mum happy as she's been reading it for years ... 

I don't know of any other newspapers that have allowed they logo/masthead to be 
played about with in such a way before so it was a cool job.

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