Thank You's in the post

Had this delivered in the post today !... 
and seeing as it was dull, grey and wet out it cheered me up to no ends ...

Thank You from TEMWA

Art for Africa 

Every year Temwa put on a charity art auction Art for Africa to raise much need funds for, as they put it...

"Temwa's objective is to help build a sustainable future for the people of Malawi through community-based projects. Temwa is working with the people of Malawi, enabling them to become self-sufficient and giving them hope for their families' futures. We support communities in improving health education services, agriculture, forestry, irrigation, skills training, and schools support"

I've had the pleasure the last few years of donating a piece of artwork (inc a customized skate deck).
This year I gave one of the very few remaining canvas's from my solo show at the end of last year ... 

Lo-Grav II

Please check out their website http://www.temwa.org/ and if you give a little something :)
also check out http://www.temwa-art.org/ for the auction info and a downloadable PDF catalog  

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