Red Bull Canvas Cooler Project...

On Monday, February 21, eight of Bristol's finest artists convened to create a unique art project entitled Canvas Cooler: Bristol. The idea behind the project was to customise a selection of specially canvas wrapped fridges which, now completed, are exhibited and functional in a selection of bars around the city. The calibre of artists taking part in Canvas Cooler was second to none, with some of Bristol's best artists creating their pieces in the rapidly developing art workshop, The Motorcycle Showroom on Stoke's Croft. Taking part in Canvas Cooler: Bristol were artists Inkie, Cheba, Epok, Sepr, Cheo, Lokey, SPZero76 and Loch Ness. Canvas Cooler kicked off at 10am and the artists worked through the day to create their own unique pieces of work. By 5pm the pieces were finished and taken to The Big Chill Bar and put on display for artists and their friends to enjoy the results. To see the designs for yourself, have a look behind the bar at any of these Bristol venues: The Bank (Inkie), Big Chill (Cheba), The Woods (Cheo), Basement 45 (Lokey), Start The Bus (SPZero76), Joe Publics (Sepr), Elbow Room (Loch Ness), Hermanos (Epok). Red Bull would like to thank all of the artists involved in Canvas Cooler and also the Motorcycle Showroom for providing a perfect workshop.

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